amazonas turbine Swim Spa


Spa and swimming pool in one! Thanks to the high performance counter current motor you can enjoy the swimming in your Swim spa pool for hours. It can be a relaxing time with the family or workout, relaxing swimming, the Amazon swim spa provides opportunity for all of them. With its 5, 46 meters of length, besides its purpose of a swimming pool, it contributes to the perfect freshening wellness experience with a massage section for 3 people. With the easy access to the swimming area, we can easily change between the pampering wellness and the sport activity that moves the whole body.

The W-Power Turbine - instead of the 3 hydromassage pumps- is capable to spin 50-160 m3 water per hour. In contrast to standard swimspa pumps Amazonas turbine produces by 75% less power consumption while delivering twice the amount of water. The incredible performance combined with energy efficiency.



Measurements (L × W × H) - 5460 × 2300 × 1500 mm

Shell material - Fiberglass reinforced acrylic spa shell (5 mm)

Sitting places - 3 persons

Water volume - 7342 l

Net weight - ~95 0 kg

Heating unit - 1 (3kW/230V/50Hz)

Drain - 1 pc at the bottom

Headrests - 2

Cabinet - Brushed Surface cabinet

Frame - Stainless steel

POWER REQUIREMENT:  3 × 16A 230V/400V 50Hz

MASSAGE SYSTEM: Hydro massage pumps - 1 x 3 HP 2 Speed + 1 HP Circ. Pump

Swim Spa Pump - W-Power Turbine 50-160 m3/h

Control system - Wellis Smart Touch

Total number of jets - 36 jets

WATER SANITIZATION: UV-C water sanitizer - 2

Filter - 3 antibacterial filters

COMFORT SOLUTIONS: Chromotherapy lighting - Central (1x55 RGB LED)

Exclusive chromotherapy lighting - Exclusive (10×1 RGB LED)

PREMIUM SOLUTIONS:  Wellis SmartPhone remote application with WiFi connection - Yes

Swimming stick - Yes


Available In 1 Acrylic

Screenshot 2018-11-17 at 16.07.39.png

Cabinet Colours

Brushed Grey.PNG